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Health Benefits Of edible Argan Oil

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Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, which is found only in the southwestern parts of Morocco. Therefore, the oil is unknown to most of the people. A relict species from the Tertiary age, the tree is extremely well adapted to drought and other environmentally difficult conditions of the place. The oil, extracted from the tree, rich in essential fatty acids, especially the linoleic acid – the harbinger of vitamin E, is quiet beneficial for the human body and skin. The moisturizing, strong antioxidant and skin anti-aging properties adds to the nutritive, medicinal and cosmetic value of the oil. There have been many researches on the benefits of argan oil. One of the major advantages of argan oil is that it is extremely helpful in correcting the deficiencies that inevitably occur with age, which results in dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. This article will provide you with detailed information on the health benefits of argan oil.

Nutrition Benefits Of Argan Oil

* Argan oil is high in oleic acid content, which makes it effective in regulating blood cholesterol. According to the studies being conducted, 2 tbsp of argan oil per day will considerably lower cholesterol levels.
* The prostaglandins 1 and 3, formed in the body after the consumption of this oil, helps improve the blood circulation in the body. It also strengthens body’s natural defense system and suppresses inflammation. Prostaglandins also help in many body functions like immune system, inflammatory process and blood clotting.
* Argan oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and even contains large amount of vitamin E. The vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant that quenches free radicals, neutralizing destructive oxidation.
* This oil is also beneficial for the people with rheumatologic conditions and cardio vascular problems, as it contains linoleic acid that increases the production of prostaglandins 1.
* Argan oil protects the skin against droughts and external aggression, which prevents the premature aging effects on the skin.
* It softens the skin and revitalizes the tired and wrinkled parts by re-hydrating and giving the skin its lost youthful elasticity.
* Argan oil has been found to be extremely effective in providing immediate relief in case of burns, scars and any such injury.
* It also helps in strengthening the hair and nails. It can be used to get rid of dandruff and helps in preventing hair loss and skin drying.

More Health Benefits:

Argan oil’s health properties are due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid. The latter is of the Omega 6 family, called “Essential Omega”, because it is indispensable to the healthy functioning of our organism, which can’t synthesize it through its own means. It must therefore be supplied through our diet.
Oleic acid plays a regulating role in our metabolism of lipids and cholesterol. Important derivatives result from its transformation, for example, those which help constitute the protective sheath of myelin surrounding the nerve fibers.
Linoleic acid (Omega 6) is indispensable to life, playing an essential role in maintaining the health of the skin (elasticity and wound healing), and the integrity of intracellular organite membranes. A deficiency in Omega-6 leads to problems in growth, renal functions and arterial tension, as well as skin lesions. Linoleic acid helps prevent cardiovascular illnesses and contributes in the lowering of high cholesterol levels. This oil is also rich in tocopherols which work like vitamin E : the most powerful antioxydant agent, which neutralizes free radicals, and has the protective effect of oil against oxydation.

Cooking Tips

* You can combine argan oil with lemon juice for a refreshing salad dressing.

* Mix the oil with yogurt and honey and enjoy the traditional Berber breakfast.
* You can even try it drizzled on any soup to get a nutty flavor. It is particularly better with pumpkin and butternut squash soup.
* Amlou is a famous paste made out of argan oil, crushed almonds and honey which is very famous in Morocco. It tastes yummy on a toast like a Moroccan peanut butter.
* It is better to keep the oil refrigerated and consume it quickly once the bottle is opened.

Where to buy Nutritional Argan Oil:

Be aware of cheap argan oil: It’s not 100% Virgin!
Some resellers add chemicals to the virgin argan oil for more quantity and less quality. So when trying to buy Argan, make sure the supplier is from Morocco like the and ask for an organic certificate(ex. Ecocert).

100% Bio Argan: Leader is Virgin Argan Oil Production and Export.

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